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Project: ASIA FLEX

Our Specialisation

Resitech is a local Singapore company which has its own unique brand name that signifies high class quality of our products and good service. Our personnel are young and vibrant but experienced in the field of civil and structural engineering repairs.

Our strategic aim is to help our clients, repair, restate and resist. Repair your assets so that you save cost in replacements. Restate your assets to its original pristine state and Resist rust, erosion and corrosion due to harsh climatic conditions.

We specialize in the protection of your assets from harsh climatic conditions such as corrosion, rust and erosion. We also specialized in repairing other conditions such as leakages, wear and tear, prevention of chemical attack , provide waterproofing and prevention of chemical corrosion and provide waterproofing of your assets. In addition to protection, our specialised products tend to be long lasting and durable which saves you time and money in recoating, restoring and repairing.

Resitech Solutions

Resitech are committed to providing the best service in terms of product, manpower and supervision needed by our clients. Our High Tech RT 1000, General maintenance coatings and epoxy composites for repair are of good quality and can be used on areas such as pumps, steering gears, pipework, ballast tanks, generators, alternators, pumps and stern tubes. IT can also be applied to wood, metal, bricks, concrete, outdoor and indoor pipes. And can be used as an adhesive for a wide range of materials such as metal, wood, concrete, masonry, bricks, glass, ceramic and many rigid plastics.

Our services include wet abrasive & sponge-jet abrasive blasting products and techniques. It has been approved by Petronas Lining Coating Committee for usage. These products and techniques replace less effective technologies such as conventional abrasive blasting, power or mechanical tooling, high pressure water blasting and slurry blasting with high-quality Wet abrasive and Sponge Media restoration, cleaning and profiling abrasives.

We also provide services of chemical cleaning for various equipment and industries. We currently offer highly skilled and experienced manpower for the task to ensure laid objectives are achieved in accordance with client’s requirement.
We provide localised application training services, on site inspection including drone inspection capability and the supply of our advanced patented coating technology to prevent corrosion.

By choosing us as your main maintenance provider, you are assured quality of our service, quality of our products that saves you costs of maintenance, replacement and time.